At Douvris Martial arts Aylmer we are on a mission to stop bullying. We have organized events to teach kids about bullying and we will continue to talk to kids about bullying.

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The Douvris Aylmer Martial Arts Center is in the race against bullying since late 2010. The goal then was to support the mission of The Jasmin Roy Foundation which was to fight against discrimination, bullying and violence in schools at primary and secondary levels. The Foundation promotes a safe and healthy environment for students by supporting and organizing various initiatives that better intervene with victims and bullies.

Over the last two years the birth of a partnership was seen between the Residence Monastery and its Director General Mr. Marc Lafontaine, Sophie Ryan from the Bulletin D'Aylmer and Kirk Kelly, the Dourvris Aylmer Martial Arts Center’s Sensei. Maxime Labelle is at the head of the partnership that has forged strong links between our youth and elders in order to promote the fight against bullying for generations. Several prevention activities were put in place to this day. The slogan of the partnership is simple "Bullying, regardless of age, is unacceptable!”