The Adult Karate program is designed for individuals 14 years and over. This program helps increase fitness levels, improves balance and coordination, and builds focus, self-discipline and confidence.

The program includes how to execute stances, punches, blocks and kicking techniques. Individuals learn how to perform break falls and sparring techniques which combine modern kicking/sparring techniques with the traditional Chito Ryu systems that emphasizes self-defense movements. Individuals also learn katas (pre-arranged forms of set movements and techniques) that build on learning the movements of Karate. All Adult Karate programs include Fitness Kickboxing as part of the training regiment!

We also offer a Beginner Karate Program for adults. Our program for adults teaches the basic punching, kicking and self-defense techniques of the martial arts.

This program is geared toward the beginning student that desires to get in shape, reduce stress, and learn basic and advanced self-defense skills. This is a fun class that is an excellent introduction to martial arts training.

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Cardio Kickboxing

The Douvris Cardio Kickboxing program is designed for individuals 14 and over. This program includes different types of classes such as Bag, Weights, Drills, Stations, Bootcamp Army, Bootcamp Abs, Bootcamp Legs and more.

The classes are held to music, and are taught by martial arts instructors. The Kickboxing classes involve executing various kick and punch combinations, footwork, stretching exercises and calisthenics that build strength and stamina. The class routines are regularly varied, and no uniform or previous experience is necessary.

The only class requiring any kind of equipment is the Bag class held on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays for which you will need boxing gloves

This Week in Cardio Kickboxing

July 22-27 (Schedule is subject to change)
Monday (7:30)   CANCELLED
Tuesday (7:30)   Bag
Wednesday (11:30) CANCELLED
Friday (11:30) Bag
Saturday (9:00)   CANCELLED
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